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Goals: Helping Others

Posted on July 13, 2011 at 10:11 PM

Okay, I've not been great on goals one or two lately.  I did go walking on Sunday, kickboxing yesterday, nothing today.  Not good.  I wrote 1000 words on Sunday, 500 on Monday, none so far on the novel today.  Not good.  I've been guest blogging on FF & P and setting up for an online workshop on blogging for Savvy Writers.  

I did do something fun and unexpected for me.  I made a video of my Thursday blog article on Nights of Passion.  It's about book trailers, marketing, synching files, and online storage.  I don't feel very photogentic but decided "I don't care"  and went ahead and made it because I felt saying it would in this case be more important than writing it.  So I'm on You Tube and Nights of Passion.  But go to Nights of Passion (see link on horizontal menu above).  It was all the links of the book and programs I mention.

I'll be writing again soon.  My goal is to get back on the novel.  8000 words left on the novel.


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