Mrs. Bright's Tea Room

 New Release on Wed., Dec. 15, 2010 at All Romance Ebooks.
Published By: Tease Publishing LLC
ISBN # 9781607671282

In this steampunk erotic romance, the adventure begins in the sky over alternate Victorian London in an infamous brothel within a lavender dirigible called Mrs. Bright's Tea Room.

Four Flames

The sky above Alternate Victorian London is filled with dirigibles, one being the notorious lavender brothel--Mrs. Bright's Tea Room.

Euthalia has no choice but to work for Mrs. Bright. In walks handsome airship Captain Travers, the Queen's spy. Sparks aren't the only things flying with Travers, Euthalia's first customer.



Travers smiled.  Although he'd like to think that the pleasantries at Mrs. Bright's were merely a distraction until his business arrived, the truth was he took special pleasure in the opportunity to initiate a woman into lovemaking.  He pulled out her demanded amount.

"Quite."  With a smile, Mrs. Bright counted out the funds then handed him the key to #2, and he left.

Having been a patron of her girls' fare before, Captain Travers always thoroughly enjoyed himself.  He unlocked the door and found a young woman dressed only in a corset setting the tea.  The usual savories were abound on the little platters, but in seeing her, he fully intended on tasting the sweet first.

Her young and tender face filled him with longing.  Oh, to kiss her pale pink petal lips.  To gaze into her deep lavender eyes.  He wondered if her pale skin was soft to touch.  Her ebony curls were crafted into a clever design framing her face and partially hanging down to her shoulders.  The French cut blue corset revealed creamy white breasts.  It was festooned with pink ribbons with ruffles culminating around her bare derriere.

"Would you like some tea, sir?"

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