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Below discover my world of romance:  You can choose between Vampire/Supernatural Romance, Mythological Romance and Steampunk Romance.

Primarily I write vampire/supernatural romance.  My world is contemporary in which vampires and rare supernaturals dwell.  My stories feature the vampire knights of the Arnhem Society known as the Arnhem Knights as well as their friends.  Click each books to find out more about it.

Vampire/Supernatural Romance



Poseidon's Catch is my first mythological romance set in modern times

Mrs. Bright's Tea Room
is my first steampunk romance.  For that tale, I did a lot research into the mores and customs of Victorian England.  To find out more about each of the book, click on the cover.


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A Vampire for ChristmasTHE STORMY LOVE LIFE OF LAURA CORDELAISVampire in the BasementWhen Love Survives



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