Vampire in the Basement

NEWS:  Vampire in the Basement has been re-released in Kindle.

Originally published on August 15, 2010 It is a shapeshifter, supernatural, vampire romantic erotic romance comedy.


Regina and Gregor   
They survived one of New York City’s greatest disasters, and on their wedding day in Maine walk into another.  Gregor aims to destroy the intruder who claims his bride.  Regina must save the man she loves from a deadly curse with her magic.  But she doesn’t know magic.

Lorraine and Theo
Everything about Lorraine is broken. She shapeshifts and forgets her clothes.  She’s divorced and doesn’t believe in love anymore.  Tall, blond, and handsome, Theo, vampire and Arnhem Knight, desires Lorraine, but is it more than lust?  Would he give up the Arnhem Knights for her?

Love, furry handcuffs, and a pine tree.

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