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A Vampire for Christmas

A Vampire for Christmas is now available at Amazon Kindle!

Georgia doesn’t know she’s a Harmony. Jobless and about to be homeless, her heart sinks when a hand snatches the coat of her dreams from the storefront window. Then she sees him staring at her reflection . . . the stalker.

Trevor Stenwood, a vampire and Arnhem Knight, is handsome, sophisticated, and tongue-tied every time he sees her. Sworn to protect the supernaturals of the city, he’s fallen for a woman marked for death by demons. How can he save her when she’s afraid of him?

At Christmas time in New York City, will love bloom in the snow?


Vettech rated it 5 stars

Cute Holiday Love Story......

I love Christmas, Vampires, and romance......this story had it all. Trevor and Georgia made such a sweet couple....they were truly made for each other.


When the waiter arrived with menus, Georgia was dizzy with expectation. She looked at her menu. There were no prices and it was hard to choose from so many delicious sounding meals.

“What are you having?” She leaned toward Trevor.

“I was going to start with the lobster bisque and move on to the shrimp scampi.”

“That sounds good. I’ll have the same.”

When the waiter returned, Trevor gave him the orders. He waited until the man was out of hearing range.

“Georgia, you know you could have ordered anything.”

“I know.” She gazed out the window. Snow danced over the waves. Then snowflake and wave would touch as in a kiss and the snow would be gone forever, absorbed into the water.

“May I move my seat so I can sit next to you?”

She thought about saying no, but the truth was she was ready for him to be closer. “Okay.”

He moved the chair so he was exactly next to her and they could see the same thing out the window. “It’s sad, isn’t it?”


“The snowflake is so exquisite, but its life is so short. The ocean is eternal. It loves the snowflake and when they meet. . .”

“The snowflake dies.” Georgia sighed.

“No, not at all. The snowflake changes into water and becomes immortal.”

Georgia turned to face him. They were so very close, his mouth above her lips, his eyes gazing deeply into hers. She could feel him searching for some answer. Then his lips possessed her mouth so gently, sweetly, as if to caress. Georgia felt herself melting like the snowflake touching the ocean wave. She kissed him back. Every kiss led to another. She felt his arm steady her. Her eyes were closed, as his finger brushed her cheek.


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