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Poseidon's Catch - Mythology Romance 

Poseidon's Catch has been re-released with a new cover.

Heat Rating: Four Flames/Steamy


Sexy Poseidon aches for eternal love.

Mila would be content to taste love once however fleeting.

When Poseidon meets Mila, a passion ignites in him that he's never known but she is burdened by a secret.

Can Poseidon save the woman he




loves before the sands of time run out?

Wicked Readings by Tawania Review

Poseidon the Greek God of the Sea has a dilemma, he doesn’t want to have unattached sex anymore and realizes he wants to find his true love. Where does an immortal Greek God look for love? In Cancun of course, with the help of his friends Aphrodite and Apollo he sets out to find the one that will own his heart, even though Apollo is really only after getting more conquests under his belt.


Mila enjoying her vacation in Cancun would have never expected love to literally fall into her lap. When Poseidon trips over her beach umbrella and breaks it, he can’t help but ask her out to dinner but she sadly declines. From that point on he is determined to make her his.


I really enjoyed reading this book, a great twist on Greek Gods. This is one of those tragic love stories which makes you tear up at the end. The relationship between the hero and the heroine was wonderful and the author made it a point to show how their love grows. I enjoyed the hidden factors in the plot, made you sense something was up but not sure what, the suspense and intrigue added to the very steamy and sentimental love scenes. Made you question: what would you sacrifice for your true love? It would be great if the author told Apollo’s story, I am pretty sure it would be a fascinating read to see which woman would finally bring him down on his knees lol.


****4 STARS


"I want to hear what Aphrodite suggests"

Her smile broadened. “For starters, the beard has to go. It makes you look old.” She tousled his hair. “That wavy black mane of yours could use a trim. Oh, those gorgeous cerulean eyes are perfect. Maybe some sunglasses to play a sexy game of peek and boo.”

The two gods followed the goddess of love, as they went down two corridors and into her throne room. A mirror on a marble table stood off to one side. The three gazed into it at once.

“Now to find the perfect place where Poseidon can fall in love.” Paris lit up then faded. Numerous romantic locations displayed their glory in Aphrodite’s mirror. Finally, it was down to two: The French Rivera and Cancun.”

A frenzy of almost nude dancing bodies filled their view. “Cancun is having a bacchanal?” Poseidon stared wide-eyed at the wet barely clad beauties.

Apollo drooled. “This one. Posei, pick this one. I’ll go with you.”

The view kept changing. In a sea of faces, Poseidon saw one small delicate face. Then she was gone, lost in an ocean of sprawling, celebrating, feasting humanity.

Aphrodite giggled. “Cancun it is then.”


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