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2010 Events

Apr. 3 Coffee Time Romance

Apr. 30 Wicked Reading by Tawania

May 4 - Author Interview at Conscious Discussions

May 6 - Author Interviewed by L.E. Harvey

May 9 - Guest Blogging at BK Walker Books Etc

May 12 - Author Interview at Authors By Authors

May 14 - Guest Blogging at Fang-tastic Books


May 20- Author Interview at My Immortal Stories

May 28 - Guest Blogging at Hedge Witchery

http://hedge-witcherybooks.blogspot. com

June 2 - Author Interview at Reviews & Interviews

June 9 - Author Interview at BK's Live Journal

June 15 - Author Interviewed at Immortyl Revolution


June 17 - Guest Blogging at AZ Publishing Services


June 22 - Author Interview at Literary Magic

June 29 - Author Interview by Margaret West

June 30 - SpotLight Feature at BK Walker Books Scroll down until you see me in a box.

July 1 - Author Interview with Fiona Ingram

July 5 - Guest Blogging at Paula Zone

July 9 - Guest Blogging at Magician Of Oz

Guest Blogging at Night Owl Romance Blog on July 27, 2010


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