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Coming up is The Romance Studio Christmas Party 2016.


To contact, Susan, please, email

and put From the Website in the subject line.

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I did giveaways at The Romance Studio Halloween Spookapaloosa and also their Thanksgiving Party for 2016.

I did giveaways at The Romance Studio Christmas Party on Dec. 17-23rd.

The party site is at

Halloween is big with me so I'm always doing the the online parties and giveaways. Nights of Passion, my own blog, did one.

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 I love The Romance Studio and did a giveaway there as well.

Upcoming Parties so far:The Romance Studio Christmas Party 2015.

which will be happening from Dec. 17-23, 2015.

Blog Talk Radio Shows

Previously I've been interviewed by the fun Folio and Folly and will be again soon, so keep your wine and chocolates happy. For the next show I have promised a very hot reading. Please listen in and enjoy the previous interview here.

To join the show dial (714) 868-0237 or follow the link above and listen live. Missed us, all our programs are archived and available 24/7

If you know someone or would like to be interviewed yourself, please contact me for available show dates. March is filling up so don't miss out on the opportunity to promote your business to my audience world wide that ranges from 700 to 5,000 + Live listeners a show depending on popularity of topic.

Find us on FaceBook:

Radio Metrou, Omnibus Nox, as well as Folio and folly are Radio Metrou productions, All Rights Reserved.

Be sure to join us. It should be lots of fun.


I was on Phoebe Jordan's Show on Blog Talk Radio



Fall In Love With New England Romance Readers and Writers Conference in Manchester, New Hampshire on October 14 and 15 was spectacular and I planning on posting photos about it. I did three panels, sponsored a table, and also participated in the booksigning.

I was at Albacon 2016 in Albany, New York.

Arisia 2015

January 16 - 19, 2015

Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel

My schedule was posted at Nights of Passion blog on Jan. 10, 2015.

I will be on several panels during my stay there. Come up to me and say hi, don't be shy. I'd love to meet you. My books were in the dealers' room on the Fantastic Books table. My two books currently in print are The Stormy Love Life of Laura Cordelais and/or Vampire King of New York. I'm very approachable and you'll recognize me by my long hair. I wear glasses now most of the time.

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