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Fun Romance Links

For Writers Interested in Screen Writing

This link was suggested by LouAnne and Brooklyn. Thank you, ladies.

For Writers and Those Who Want to Write

A magnificent site for writers is Check it out.

WriteItNow is a creative writing software designed to help writers from that first idea to the final manuscript.

You can try their free demo by going to http:/

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc.


The home of the people of genre fiction

The Writers Guild (West)

The Horror Writers of America

The Romance Writers of America

Susan's blog on writing and the writing life

Susan's blog on romance

Ralan's site for marketing your writing and advice (in my opinion the best site for science fiction, fantasy, and horror markets)

Great Online Magazines

Orson Scot Card's new e-magazine

Strange Horizons

Fun Sites/Fascinating People

For Links to Romance Writers

Bianca D'Arc

Sandra Sookoo


Rebecca Royce


To contact the author,



To contact, Susan, please, email

and put From the Website in the subject line.

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