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Writing Exercises

I am all about writing. I've been that way since I wrote my first story at eight. I ended creating writing exercises of the week years ago. Now I am starting up again. Please, enjoy! These are for personal use only. The materials on this site are copyrighted to the author of this site. Thank you.

Week Two Hundred and Seventy-Six - Winter

Winter is different in different places. Imagine that you are shipwrecked on a tropical isle and you want to celebrate a holiday like Christmas. What would be important to you? How would you feel? What gift would you give yourself?


Week Two Hundred and Seventy-Five - Christmas

Write about your Christmas experience. It could be the adventure of shopping for the perfect gift or the wonder in a child's eyes when they see that amazing gift. Make sure to include all the sights and sounds and sweet and savory smells. You can also focus on creating a story about a stuffed animal. There are already many stuffed animals stories that are famous, such as; Winnie the Pooh and The Velveteen Rabbit. Remember focus on one aspect and make it rich with details and interactions.

Week Two Hundred and Seventy-Four - The Picnic

Use the characters that met in the last exercise, and have them go on a picnic for their first date after the dance. Really create a beautiful setting and show their reactions to it and the to each other. Eating and talking can be fun. Show this in detail.

Week Two Hundred and Seventy-Three - On the Dance Floor

In this week's exercise, write about a young woman going to a dance with friends. A stranger, handsome and mysterious, walks over to her and asks her to dance. Write this scene and remember the details: body movements, music, reactions, how someone says something.

Week Two Hundred and Seventy-Two - When Tragedy Strikes

Tragedy is the hardest event to talk about let alone write about. Start small and work up. Operate from feelings and actions in your words. Not a lot of dialog. Use thinking, feeling, and action. Write about a man trapped in his third floor apartment. After you're done, go out to eat. Write a review on your meal. It will help balance out the intense feelings from writing tragedy.

Week Two Hundred and Seventy-One - Painting with Words

This exercise is to stretch your ability to bring the reader into your description. Write about flowers in a vase. What kind and colors are they? How did they get there? Where did they come from? How do they look each day? Build a story about the flowers in the vase.

Week Two Hundred and Seventy - Back in Time

One of the most challenging pieces you can write is one set in another time. To do it write requires a lot of research on your part. Choose a time and go to the library or online. You are looking for a timeline of history for that period, clothing, inventions and machines, armaments, and customs. Take lots of notes, print out your timeline and facts you want to keep. A story set in another time requires attention to details. Have fun in your research.

Week Two Hundred and Sixty-Nine - Sell A Treasure

A lot of writing is about authentically replicating an experience so a reader learns by living the experience in the book. Look up a consignment shop in your area one that buys clothes, and take a few clothes you no longer need from your closet and go to that shop. Learn firsthand about selling to consignment shops. Write the whole experience down. Later you will use this for a character.

Week Two Hundred and Sixty-Nine - Buy A Treasure

This week visit a bookstore and buy a book. Bookstores are a fading treasure. If you can't, visit a library and take out a book. Read and be inspired. Every author I know reads a great deal. This is your gift for all your hard work writing.

Week Two Hundred and Sixty-Eight - Exercising the Mind

Go to any book and choose every 10th word, until you have 10 different words. Then use those words in a story about a birthday party. Have a great time.

Week Two Hundred and Sixty-Seven - Writer Care #5

Let's have a little fun with research. Write a review of soft fluffy stuff. Pick one item or two you would recommend, describe the item in detail, and then explain why it's the best. Have fun with it. Be ridiculous. Be outside the box. Woo hoo.

Week Two Hundred and Sixty-Six - Writer Care #4

Our world is filled with sound. Some people are soothed by music. Others are soothed by silence. Give yourself 30 minutes a day, where you experience your favorite sound or if you prefer silence. Close your eyes and just dwell in the experience. This isn't a writing exercise. It's a soothing exercise to make you a happier healthier person, so you can write at your best.

Week Two Hundred and Sixty-Five - Laughter

This is to stretch your skills. Over the week, observe why people laugh and make a list of the circumstances which cause people to laugh. Then write a scene in which people are laughing but for different reasons.

Week Two Hundred and Sixty-Four - Details

Observe something in a detailed way. Example: Examine a flower growing in a pot. Start by writing about the heart of the flower and work outward right to the ant crawling up the pot. Be detailed.

Week Two Hundred and Sixty-Three - The Participant

Writing is called the solitary profession. For the most part it is. You spend hours on the computer pounding out a story. But finding that perfect phrase or description come from directly participating in life. Don't just observe. Find something you can be a part of. A friend of mine joined a cricket club. He loves the uniform, the bat, the practice with the team, the excitement of the games. Find something you enjoy and write about it. That's your mission for this week.

Week Two Hundred and Sixty-Two - Swashbuckling

Have a little fun with history. Do a little research on Blackbeard the Pirate and write about his latest wife and how she assisted his career or not. Be darling. Think outside the box. Use what you find about pirates of his time. Be ridiculous and enjoy yourself. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

Week Two Hundred and Sixty-One - Writer Care #3

Are you ready to go sensual and do good things for your skin and your writing? Ready? You will need some fragrant body lotion. Two parts of every writer always hurts the most--the hands and the feet. Why the feet? Because of all the pacing you do before writing. Place yourself so you can type while your feet are up. Take off shoes and socks, wash feet, dry them, and then put yourself in the your place with your feet up and put lotion on your feet. Really rub your feet. When done, wipe your hands with sanitizer and paper towels. Now write the entire experience down emphasizing how it made you feel. You could incorporate it into a scene. When done writing. Shut down your computer, and kick back. This is the time to lotion your hands. Why? Because you're a writer and you deserve it!

Week Two Hundred and Sixty - Writer Care #2

Take a breather in life. Create that space for yourself, even if it's only a hour each day. You are worth an hour. Do something absolutely fun--okay, I know one person who will hang glide, but for others that could mean baking a cake for yourself or walking on the beach. I'm waiting for beach weather. Do something special for yourself every day.

Week Two Hundred and Fifty-Nine - Writer Care #1

Writers sometimes have this picture of half starving in a cold attic as they write. No, don't do it. Take care of yourself. If you need to take a day job to pay the bills, do it and consider it research for future books. Always take care of your Earthly needs. There will be things you'll learn in your day job that will come to play in your writing--the interactions between people, the technical aspects of certain professions, the change to examine different personalities, the opportunity to do new tasks, be a part of team project, etc. All of this is research that will give you a wealth of character and plot background information. Remember always change the sex and names of characters to protect the innocent or the guilty. In the meantime, cherish your research.

Week Two Hundred and Fifty-Eight - From the Ashes, A Phoenix Will Rise

Disaster struck in Japan. Often the best stories come from disasters. It allows the writer to highlight the best and worst of humanity. Out of every disaster, an unexpected hero arises. In my ebook When Love Survives, it's Regina and Gregor using their special skills to rescue others. Sometimes it's a matter of survival and the people left behind to pick up the pieces and rebuilt. There are a thousand stories waiting to be told. Choose one and begin to write today.

Week Two Hundred and Fifty-Seven - Arf or Meow

Write a scene showing your main character interacting with a pet. Pets give an additional dimension to a character. You can tell a lot about a person by how they treat their pet. Use your imagination. Make it more than a game of fetch.

Week Two Hundred and Fifty-Six - Meeting in a Bar

Write a scene between a man and a woman, where he is trying to meet her for the first time. Go for funny. Try to make it a successful meeting.

Week Two Hundred and Fifty-Five - Meeting at a Convention

Be inventive. Your character goes to a convention and finds a person he or she just has to meet. Write about that meeting, include dialogue.

Week Two Hundred and Fifty-Four - Shopping

Write a scene where your character is shopping for something that will either save a life or change a life. Yes, this is a more challenging exercise. It's meant to stretch your abilities. Think outside the box.

Week Two Hundred and Fifty-Three - Sleeping

Write a scene when your main character is restlessly sleeping. Go into his or her mind, what the cause of his or her restlessness. Then have something in the physical world wake your character. This exercise is all about building tension and suspense.

Week Two Hundred and Fifty-Two - Portrayal of Gratitude

Write a scene for your main character where he or she expresses gratitude to another character.

Week Two Hundred and Fifty-One - Get An Education

Every weekend, there is a romance writers conference or workshop happening somewhere in America and Canada. Other writing groups are also doing conferences and workshops. Make the decision to improve your craft, by studying with people who are working authors that write and publish books. There are online groups you can also join. Choose a writing experience and stretch your craft.

Week Two Hundred and Fifty-One - Sleep

Every story I write has been born in a dream. This is how I do it. I go to bed and sleep. When I wake I go to my desk and write everything I can remember about the dream in a little black book. Then later in the day, I refer to that book and start writing out entire scene and sometimes and numbered list of what happens next. That's how my books are born. Try it. See what happens to you.

Week Two Hundred and Fifty - Write A Homecoming

Homecomings can be very emotional filled with expectations. Considered the distance your main character has traveled to get home and the time that has passed since the characters last saw each other. Also consider if there has been unfinished business between them . Is there a special reason that is bringing your main character home? This is a talent stretching exercise. Give it your all and hold nothing back.

Week Two Hundred Forty-Nine - Write a Relaxing Scene

Do you need a vacation and can't go anywhere? I understand completely. So what you can do instead is write an idyllic scene of the place you've always wanted to go to. Research it on the Internet. Go to the library and take on books on the place. Fill your imagination about it. Rent movies set in the place or travel dvds. Give yourself a challenge--you have inherited property in this place or maybe you're a felon and you've been blamed for a crime you didn't commit but you have no alibi and have chosen to run away. The choice is yours. Let yourself explore. Take an exciting vacation in your mind and enjoy not paying for it. LOL

Week Two Hundred Forty-Eight - Write a First

Write a scene that shows a first: a child's first day at school, a first car, a first house, a couple's first moments as husband and wife, a first puppy. I think you get the idea. Think back on your firsts, and borrow from your experience.

Week Two Hundred Forty-Seven -Bake Something

Write a scene where the hero and heroine are cooking something in the kitchen together. Have fun with it.

Week Two Hundred Forty-Six - Writing More

You've been working hard to create a writing habit. Today add 100 words to your previous word count goal. Take a calendar and record your word count every day. Have fun. Remember to put a heart on each day you reach or surpass your goal.

Week Two Hundred Forty-Five - Make It So!

Today we're talking about creating a good habit to build your writing. Make a plan for your writing. Decide how many words you're going to write each day regardless of topic or project. Take a calendar. Write that goal number next to the month. Then on each day, write the number of works you accomplish that day. Some will be a lot. Some a few. Put a heart on each day you accomplish your goal. Have fun with this and use it as a learning tool--one day at a time.

Week Two Hundred Forty-Four - An Ancient Relic

Many stories have focused around a hero or heroine obtaining a relic, some object with power or symbolic power. Whether it's Frodo destroying the ring of power or Indiana Jones going after the holy grail, the relic is the central motivation of the plot. Look around your house and choose an item. Just for fun, endow it with a special quality and write a story about it. Have fun.

Week Two Hundred Forty- Three - Finding A Moment of Possibility

In this coming week, schedule 15 minutes when you are alone, when no one can talk to you. Close your eyes and think about anything you want but not a to-do list or what you're planning for supper. Think of something you've always wanted to do. Perhaps plan how you could do it. Even if it will take time so you can save up the money. Do this for yourself every week.

Week Two Hundred Forty- Two - Finding Balance in Your Life

The hardest part of a writer's life is balancing writing with your life. Writing usually takes a lot of alone time or time when you can concentrate on only that. Most of us are multitasking all day long. Start by designating 15 minutes. Then build from there. Keep a notepad and pen on you for captured moments of inspiration. Enjoying and participating in life is vital to your writing, so work at finding your balance.

Week Two Hundred Forty- One - A Walk in the Woods

For this exercise, take a walk in the woods and then write about it in detail. If you choose you can write another version of that walk only make it in your imagination and at night. See what happens.

Week Two Hundred Forty - Hot Cocoa Method

You will need the following. A great supper. A cozy spot. Some cocoa or another drink that will not make you sleepy. And the sworn oath to write until midnight. At the strike of midnight, you stop midsentence, midword. For four nights try this picking up from the night before. You'll amazed at what you've written.

Week Two Hundred Thirty-Nine - Admiration, Part 2

Take the list of those qualities that you admire and write a scene where one character tells the other character how much they admire them. Use the example of action.

Week Two Hundred Thirty-Eight - Skinny Dipping

Write a scene where two characters are swimming naked. Have fun and try to think outside the box.

Week Two Hundred Thirty-Seven - Admiration

Make a list of those qualities that you admire the most in people and examples when those qualities shone through in action. We'll be using this for next week's exercise.

Week Two Hundred Thirty-Six - What Do You Love?

What do you love? This is your week to write in rapture about that thing or topic you just absolutely love talking about whether it's a new car or tv show. Have fun and be specific in telling why you love that thing above all the rest.

Week Two Hundred Thirty-Six - Who Do You Love?

Who do you love? Is probably the most honest question you will ever ask yourself. Answer it Write a letter to the one you love most. That's all. Easy. Think again.

Week Two Hundred Thirty-Five - Tea

Oh, yes, I am challenging you this week. For those that have teas, writing a scene where the characters are having a tea should be easy. For the rest, I suggest you do a little research and Google how tea is served, the menu and manners for tea, and so on. Have fun. It's time your quest for writing made you stretch beyond the familiar.

Week Two Hundred Thirty-Four - Escape

Think of the scariest place you can image and write an escape scene for three characters: a male that works in computers, a female model, and a grandmother. They have only 24 hours in which to escape. Have fun.

Week Two Hundred Thirty-Three - Superbowl Party

This week's exercise should be fun and easy. Write about a Superbowl Party. Write down everything from the food to the personalities cheering on their team.

Week Two Hundred Thirty-Two - Countdown

You can use a countdown in many ways: to launch a spacecraft, to start a car race, or to disarm a bomb. Write a scene using a count.

Week Two Hundred Thirty-One - Tears

Write a scene about a character that is cry. Why is she or he crying? What happened? How is it resolved? Really think about all the things that might make someone cry. Stretch yourself with this work.

Week Two Hundred Thirty - Change

Write about a couple that gets to the airport to find their flight to Hawaii has been cancelled. Write what happens. Have fun. Think outside the box.

Week Two Hundred Twenty-Nine - Be More Expressive

Every day this week at 10 in the morning and at night, write about the secret life of Miles Baker. This is a made up name. You can make up your own name. This is your character and you're writing about his or her life. Have fun with this. Stretch your possibilities.

Week Two Hundred-Twenty-Eight - Express Yourself

Every day this week at 10 in the morning and at night, write a paragraph about how you're feeling and what you're doing. This is a challenge toward stretching your ability to writing in the moment.

Week Two Hundred-Twenty-Seven - Meeting

Write about two people meeting for the first time. They are in line at a job fair and are waiting to speak to the same company. They begin talking when one of them drops their resumes. Go to it. Make it real. Make it wacky and unpredictable. This is your opportunity to be original.

Week Two Hundred-Twenty-Six - Gratitude

As a writer, there are times when you must write for yourself and not for the general public. Every year, I make a list of all the things I am grateful for: the people, the happenings in my life, the things I've learned, and even the gift of knowing someone before they've left this realm of existence. I write it all down and keep it in a journal. My list has grown over the years. If you've never done this before start with at least 10. You are welcome and encouraged to write more than ten and review during the week and add to your list. While most exercises here are meant to stretch your ability as a writer who observes life, this exercise is meant to stretch your heart so you may enjoy more of that life gives you.

Week Two Hundred-Twenty-Five - A Mouse

Try to write the adventure of a mouse going from the kitchen in your home to the bedroom. Remember to look up at everything from his perspective and breathe in every scent. Allow yourself to really get into the head of the mouse. Is he shaking from fear or excitement from the wheel of cheese on your table? Have fun with this. I know this is a very different character for your. It's time to stretch those writing muscles again. Squeak.

Week Two Hundred-Twenty-Four - Random

Let's play a little game this week. Pick up any magazine and take out four photos that interests you. Go to the dictionary and open it randomly ten times. Each time write down the word your eyes focus on first. Out of this strange combination, create a story. The object of this game is to loosen up and think outside the box. Have fun. Get going now.

Week Two Hundred-Twenty-Three -- Music

Put on a favorite instrumental piece of music and begin writing whatever comes into your mind. This is a great freeing exercise as you have no expectations. It gives you a clear head and a new perspective. Enjoy yourself. See where the music leads you.

Week Two Hundred-Twenty-Two - The Weekend

Write down everything that you did this weekend. Then rewrite it from another character taking your part. Change the whole experience from first person to third person. Enjoy yourself.

Week Two Hundred Twenty-One - The Review

Watch a tv show or movie and write a review of it, stating specifically what you enjoyed and why, and what didn't work and why. Notice how I'm repeating the word why? The why is your connection to the reader. Readers what to know the details. This is an excellent practice for your in being explicit in relating events and expressing meaning. Have fun with this.

Week Two Hundred Twenty - The Heirloom

Everyone has something that is passed down in their family: anything from a piece of jewelry to furniture. If you don't, then let's say you've inherited a strange clock from an uncle who lived in South Africa. Write the history of your inherited item--where it came from, any funny or weird stories about its creation, anything unusual about the item itself, and any letter that came with it. This is a fun exercise especially useful for people who write mysteries. Enjoy!

Week Two Hundred Nineteen - The Wedding

Write about a wedding that you've attended. Focus on these two details: what are people wearing and how are they acting. This focus should help you write a very interesting scene. Be detailed regarding both. Try to write the scene as you would see it on film with closeups. Have fun.

Week Two Hundred Eighteen - Birthdays

What was your best birthday present and why? Write down everything single thing about it, vividly describing it, and include your feelings about it at the time and why it was so important to you. Then write a scene using a character in your place. Change all the he and she to I. We're working this week on deep point of view. This is a beginning.

Week Two Hundred Seventeen - Rituals of Life

Even in a fiction story, getting the facts right is important. There are ceremonies or ritual that everyone participates in as a matter of living. Choose a ceremony that you've been to and write about it. Such rituals are weddings, funerals, birthdays, births, etc. Choose only one that you remember details about and write everything about it.

Week Two Hundred Sixteen - Research Field Trip 1

Being a writer is not being secluded in your house or apartment all the time. Yes, you need the tranquility to write, but there's time when you need to get out, randomly talk to people in line at the store, and explore the world around you. Today's field trip is to the bookstore. Go to the section that you enjoy reading. For me that's the romance section, then science fiction and fantasy, and sometimes young adult. You go to your section and buy a book from your favorite author. Assign some time today to read and relax. If you want you can also visit the how-to section. Some on those books are excellent. WRITING A ROMANCE NOVEL FOR DUMMIES by Leslie Wainger is one of them. If romance isn't your cup of tea, then find something that is. This is the winter to learn, though I have to tell you honestly, if you find out a romance author or RWA chapter is giving a workshop or conference in your area, go. Their explanations on how to do the basic parts of writing is so very clear--writing a great beginning, creating characters, plotting, great endings. They really know how to do it and how to teach it to others. In my local chapter, we have an author of military fiction. He joined because he was so impressed by our chapter's conference. Now for your assignment: Get to a bookstore. NOW!

Week Two Hundred Fifteen - Package In the Mail

This week, we going to stretch our imaginations. Let's say you have received a package in the mail that you don't remember ordering. You open it and it's a pair of shoes. Write about it.

Week Two Hundred Fourteen - Cooking Up A Story

This is a challenge. Choose a recipe that you would like to make but never have, follow it, cook it, and eat it, but most importantly write about your experience. If you need an example of this, go and see the movie "Julia and Julia." Enjoy.

Week Two Hundred Thirteen - What I Did Last Week

Seriously, your assignment last week was not to write. Now write as fast as you can everything that happened last week. Relish in the descriptions and how people did and said things. Change all names to protect the innocent and guilty. Have fun with this. Gotcha!

Week Two Hundred Twelve - Don't Write

Yes, you did not imagine it. I said, "Don't Write." Go out and do something fun. Get away from the computer. Live life. When you come back and you do write, your writing will flow more and be stronger for it. Your words are only as good as the experiences you live that gives them life.

Week Two Hundred Eleven - Write A Review

This is to practice your analytical skills. Write a positive review of a favorite book, tv show, or movie. Writing a positive review takes more talent and the ability to give detailed information in an entertaining and lighthearted way. It convinces others to see the value you see. So get to it.

Week Two Hundred Ten - A Change of Setting

This is a writer's field trip. Go some place you've never been. It can be some place different but local. It doesn't have to be far away. Write down everything you experience there--people, scenery, scents, sounds, happenings. Write it so without naming it, someone else will recognize it. This is your opportunity to make it real. Keep this written setting for a future story.

Week Two Hundred Nine - Up for A Challenge

Go to a paper dictionary. Randomly open up the book 20 times. Each time write down the first word you see. Now write a short story using all these words. Have fun. This is an exercise in letting go.

Week Two Hundred Eight - Living with Change

My template crashed. That's why you're seeing a change site. What does a writer do when that happens. You write about a character who is working on their site and it is sideways and that ways and every each way. How does your character react? What do they do?

Week Two Hundred Seven - Loving Food

Following the theme of last week, write a scene between a man and a woman on a date eating dessert in a restaurant. Really think about what each would choose, what they are thinking as they watch each other eat, and what to the say to each other between bites. Having fun with this.

Week Two Hundred Six - The Food Critic

I know you've been waiting to do this. Go to a restaurant, have a meal, and write a review of the meal, giving details about each item. Then rate the meal overall as well as the ambiance of the restaurant. Have fun with the eating and the writing. Bon appetit!

Week Two Hundred Five - Independence

This weekend, the United States of America celebrated its Independence Day. Write a story about a slave and what he or she does to win freedom. Have your story take place over the course of 24 hours. Have fun with it. Hint: Begin with the moment the slave sees his or her chance.

Week Two Hundred Four - Trains

In this exercise you're going to write a story about people on a train. They go through a tunnel and it stops. The lights go out. One passenger freaks--he or she is afraid of dark, enclosed places. Screaming. What is happening? You decided. Write fast and use details.

Week Two Hundred Three - Listening to Music

This exercise will stretch your imagination. Listen to a selection of instrumental music (without lyrics) and write. Close your eyes and let the music move you and tell you a story. Write that story.

Week Two Hundred Two - Don't Write

Today go out and have an adventure. Don't write. Set your alarm for an hour earlier tomorrow morning. Then go to bed. When you wake the next day, write about your adventure. Write everything down to dialogue and the smallest detail of description. See how well you observed life. Repeat this for the rest of the week. You should end up with three life scenes. On Saturday, put them together in a story.

Week Two Hundred One - Walk in the Surf

Experience is the best research you can do for your writing. Spend some time experiencing life at least a couple of times a week. Write about your experiences. In that way, if you decide to write fiction, you will infuse the life of your character with reality. You'll make the fantastic alive. If you haven't walked out into life today, there's still time. Take a walk in the surf or among the trees or down a favorite street. Come home and write down every detail of your experience--scent, taste, texture, and sound. Be alive in your writing.

Week Two Hundred - Listening to Your World

This week you're going to take the information you gathered last week and write a scene between three friends. Place them in your setting whether a home preparing dinner together or in the park, mall, or grocery store. One of them has a problem and the other come up with ideas to help. They disagree on how to help.

Have fun and enjoy the natural dialogue and setting and adding the conflict.

Week One Hundred and Ninety-Nine – Listening to Your World

For this exercise, you will need a small pad of paper and pen. If you can, leave your home and go somewhere–a park, a mall, the grocery store, somewhere. The idea is to write down everything you hear. Snippets of people talking (not entire conversations–that’s eavesdropping and will cause you trouble–example of ’people talking’ is when you’re waiting in line and you overhear the clerk and the customer in front of you talking–write it down after you leave the store), the ocean, birds–describe the bird making the sound, frogs, the whir of a car passing, whatever it is. If you can’t leave your home today, turn off the tv and just listen to all the sounds your home makes–the puppy slurping water, the cat hissing when he gets too close, the hum of the computer, the whirling of the dishwasher, the house shaking as a truck passes.

This exercise will do two things. First, it will help make the environment of your characters more real. Second, you will see next week.

Week One Hundred Ninety - Eight - Dialogue Me Again

Let's add one more person to the scene. You've written the scene from last week. Now in the middle of the argument add someone both characters know. This new character is invited to join them. How does this new addition change the scene? Have fun. Be unpredictable.

Week One Hundred Ninety - Seven - Dialogue Me

Dialogue is a tricky matter. Let us begin simply. Write a dialogue between two people who are sitting, eating dinner in a restaurant, and they are discussing a problem. Use a name and the word said exactly once for each speaker. At intervals, add either before or after the character speaks an action.

Example: "It's hard to talk about." Joe wiped his mouth with his napkin. -- Now you try it. Write not more than a page. Do not add any adverbs onto "said." Now go forth and write dialogue.


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