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Post Hurricane Irene

Posted on August 31, 2011 at 11:15 PM

When a writer loses power and is editing a book, it's mind numbing. That's what I've gone through this weekend and week, until the power came back on and more. When the power is gone, everything is the family. How do we provide all the basics of life? We haul water for all the sanitary needs. We listen glued to the radio for information. We try to keep everything together. Cooking, cleaning, living all becomes harder.

The power's back but the difficulty with living has changed. With all the trees down and roads closed, it takes longer to get to work. Finding gas is a challenge. Finding a store that will take a credit card--nearly impossible. Be brave, pay attention, and be flexible. Learn a new way quickly. That's what it's all about in Post Hurricane Irene Connecticut. In the blink of a hurricane's eye, we've gone colonial. I have to tell you I was ecstatic when I had a cell phone signal I could call on again. When my Wifi worked, Woo hoo! Cable returned! Amazing. Slowing we're marching into the modern age again. Perhaps this time, it will be a kinder, more productive age for more people. There's still a part of me that hopes for a Star Trek Utopia, where creativity is valued and people have their basic needs cared for. --Susan

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