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Return from Authors After Dark

Posted on August 14, 2011 at 10:05 PM

I'm back from Authors After Dark in Philadelphia, and I'm absolutely whipped into the ground. Hours after hours of bumper to bumper traffic in the pouring rain and fog. The convention was awesome. Interesting and fun stuff happened. I also had laryngitis during the event. Fortunately when I lost my voice on Friday, I had no panels to speak on. By Saturday, it was back but scratchy. The ride home knocked the socks off me.

As for the goals, I may have lost a little weight not wanting to eat much with my sore throat. I don't recommend losing weight this way. Also getting sick hasn't helped with the writing. I did manage to write the beginning to a new story. I edited a little.

On the flip side of the author's life is meeting people which is a blast. I met a lot of people at the convention and booksigning. More on the happenings later.


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